Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Sets You Apart?

Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogspot, etc, etc I have them all and I'm looking into more. More ways to connect and inevitably more ways to increase the noise in my world and now as Twitter indicates, more interactions. Most people who use a computer or interactive device use one or more of these services. So what sets any of us apart from another? Why should any of us listen or buy into one another...

Content.& Creativity.

In this day in age when we are flooded with ways to connect and in information overload, content and creativity is what sets people apart. Originality is key.  While it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel, it is necessary to not be a carbon copy and to do what you do well. Tailor your craft with originality.

Technology is only a tool. It's the voice, the authenticity and the originality behind the technology that sets each one apart. Do YOU! Be YOU!

Psalm 139:14 - "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful..."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music Technology: Jon Bibbs - JBLive App for Android

Some goals of an artist is to connect with their fans, stay ahead of the trends and create a platform to get their work out. Independent artists, especially have to be more creative about getting their work to the masses.  One of the more popular ways of doing this lately is creating apps for mobile devices.

Soul singer/songwriter/producer/musician, and fellow Hamptonian Jonathan Bibbs, better known as Jon Bibbs is taking advantage of this trend with the JBLive app. This app is fully integrated with his JB Live website.  The app showcases news, his performance calendar, photos, videos and more!

Fans of Jon, like myself can easily log into the app while on the go and get updated with just a couple clicks. Most importantly, as an independent artist Jon is taking advantage of all the ways to get his music out. His shining bio gives a great highlight for the great, grounded artist he is and where he's destined to go.

The debut of this app demonstrates he's here for the long haul--and he's going to keeping providing fans with the new and the fresh!

Download the app here! Join the Jon Bibbs community and listen to his music here!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Music Technology: Naughty By Nature App for Android

Music artists new and more seasoned are taking advantage of the many ways to stretch their careers and exploit their brands. Legendary Hip-Hop trio Naughty By Nature is celebrating 20 years of being a group with a new E-book app that's available for Android platform phones.

The ebook is broken into three sections: photo gallery, videos and social networking.

NBN Member Vinnie gives a demonstration of the app here:!

Check it out!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Music News: Ending 2011 with Hip Hop

Right now, I'm anticipating the debut of one certain album tomorrow. There are two big ones of note that fall into the hip hop category, but being from Chicago, I'm biased.

The Dreamer, The Believer by @common one of my all time favorite rappers and arguably one of the best lyricists in hip hop releases 12/20.

A lot of hip hop fans are still caught up in the rapture of the "Watch the Throne" tour that just ended. I appreciate that @common is wrapping the year with this work. The singles he's chosen to release, "Blue Sky" and "Celebrate" have me excited for the rest of the album's contents.

I look forward to listening and chatting with you more tomorrow!


Making Connections

The age old adage--networking is still a popular and critical topic. However, the paradigm and art of making connections with people for the purpose of collaborating later has changed dramatically. With texting, social networking, direct messages on Twitter, etc networking looks drastically different from conventional methods.

This morning Black Business Works hosted their Monday morning power call and invited me to be a guest. The topic, "How to make your network increase your net-worth," is timely with the continued inconsistency in our economy and job market.  The shift in both makes our society ideal for entrepreneurial creativity and start-ups, which means networking is hugely important.

Here are some nuggets we shared:
  • Don't expect to network at a function and do business right away. This usually happens over time. 
  • Go to events with a purpose. Separate social events from networking. When networking, don't focus on eating and drinking. 
  • Approach networking with a can attitude that seeks to give and not just get from a potential connection.
  • Observe the room first to avoid having to "work the room"
  • Be willing to do a good faith project for a potential client.
Harvard Business Review has this to say about networking:

Network Beyond Your Bubble:
  • Revise your conference calendar: Attend at least one conference a year in a field that you make have interest in, but little experience.
  • Talk to the loners: At social events, don't just spend time with your friends and colleagues. See out the people that don't fit in and strike up a conversation.
  • Find diversity within: Reconnect with passions that you may have ignored because they didn't fit into your life. In doing so you'll encounter people far removed from your daily experiences who may provide you with new self insight.
 Don't wait for 2012 to build your network and increase your net-worth!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Mistaken Identity

If someone asked you, "who are you," how would you respond?

It seems like an easy question. Almost too easy. There are many ways to answer. You could answer with your name, your passion, your career, some connection to your family. Growing up, I always felt connected to some kind of royalty. My parents always made me feel like I was apart of a larger legacy, a greater purpose that stretched outside of myself.

As life continued, events occurred to confirm this connection and events occurred to totally rob me of it. At one point in my life, I was so far gone from who I was, I was essentially lost. After some personal searching, rediscovery and rebuilding, I became convinced that I am, The King's Daughter. I am God my Father's child. No matter what happens to me, or what I do, or where I end up that one fact remains true.

Through my life's journey, some of my decisions didn't line up with this fact. I've made decisions out of fear, hurt, insecurity, doubt -- hoping and believing for the best. I've made some decisions forgetting who I am and the power that lies within me. My challenge is to make who I am consistently line up with what I do and the decisions I make.

My life is a living testimony, but it's also a living witness.

Who are you?


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dont' Wait!

Does procrastination, inconsistency, burnout or complacency (I feel like I just said a string of cuss words) ever enter your body, infiltrate your spirit and takeover?? I know that was kind of dramatic, but all of them have quietly settled in my mind, words and actions at some point in life.

We are two weeks away from welcoming 2012 and on schedule people are working on their annual New Year's resolutions.  I'm not a believer in New Year's resolutions. Anything that I set out to accomplish, plan to complete or create as a goal I'm starting now.  A good friend shared a quote year's ago that echos in my mind - "Don't wait for life to be perfect to be great."

One thing that is for certain, time marches on and you can't reach back and grab the moments you wasted or pause the clock to catch up. Anything you want to master and become great at takes consistent practice and the longer we wait, the longer we delay our impending greatness.

Every new day presents a second chance, not just the stroke of midnight on December 31st. Every new day presents an opportunity to take steps, plant seeds, and grow an inch closer. There's no need to wait to begin being great or start that thing you want so desperately to accomplish.

2012 will come and go and so will your resolutions. There are few destinations in life. Once you get to one place, the journey still continues on to the next place.

Seize the moment!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Expect Good News!

This morning started a bit off center. By the time I left the house, my heart was so full and lifted I could float. The husband's grand gesture of humility. Whether it took a lot for him to extend this gesture or it didn't, it set my heart on course to have a wonderful day. The bible says to guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life. Richard's extension cured the issue of my heart. It was truly the best way to start the day.

From there, I was encouraged. With the course of the day in motion, I actually didn't need anything else, from the day that is. The day could continue as planned with no additional fireworks.

Early in the day a friend told me to expect great news today. I took it as additional encouragement for an already great day. But instead -- great news came! One of my best friends, Tatiana, has been vacationing in Costa Rica for the last week. Her vacation was cut short when she sustained a life threatening injury in a recreational accident. Midway through her vacation, she found herself in the hospital having surgery. She was originally due to come home yesterday, however the doctors required she remain in the hospital until further notice. Her prognosis has been everything from bed rest for a month and half to staying in the hospital for up to a week.

This afternoon, good news arrived! She's been cleared to leave the hospital as early as tomorrow. Bed rest is not necessary, however she will need to be on crutches for the next few weeks.  I don't know about her, but for me, it's a sigh of relief. I've been to many countries, and the one thing I never wanted to happen was to become ill or need medical attention in a foreign country. It might be my short-sidedness, but it's outside my comfort zone.

During my honeymoon in Australia that hope came to an end. I experienced a paralyzing back spasm that required me to go to the emergency room and be treated for most of the day. I was so thankful Richard was by my side the entire time. Even though the hospital/medical/healthcare system in Australia is great. Anywho...

God is faithful. Tatiana has a powerful testimony to add to her life's story.

Expect good news!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finishing this year strong!

Is this thing on??

I've been gone from the blogosphere for over two months! It feels much longer than that. Forgive me. Regular and infrequent readers have asked me when was I going to write another post. I took a pause, but the work didn't stop.

Since we last spoke, so much great has happened. My hubby and I attended a "Marriage Covenant Retreat," in the Bahamas. One of my best friends became "formally," engaged and we showered her with great joy on a beautiful afternoon. I co-hosted the 24th Annual Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Gala Red Carpet show. Yes - it was amazing! It was also one of the most high pressured situations I've been in and it felt so natural. Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield and Rebecca Crews were some of the people I interviewed. It was pretty surreal and I can't take any credit! I had a great meeting with a newer television station in Somerset, NJ. (Great things are coming is all I can say about that)

My hubby and I spent Thanksgiving in Maryland with Richard's extended family. Most of the holiday was spent with his Grandfather in the nursing home. This is his first year there. For someone so independent, the transition has been tough. Our time together was very rich. Richard and I went back to relationship counseling to discuss the issues we found ourselves coming against in this first year of marriage. Let me just say, I love counseling. I love it when we need it and when we don't. There is a peace and a cleansing and a renewal that I love about the openness of our sessions.

Welcome to December! We're in the last month of the year. How? When? How? LOL! It's crazy. I feel like I just got married and I'm a month away from celebrating my first year anniversary. Wow. What a year...

We managed to put up our Christmas tree. It really makes me feel that Christ's birth season is upon here. We also joined our church's Media Ministry. This is going to be really fun! Working together with Richard is always a fun adventure. Together we are a "RADIKL" force (shameless plug) to be reckoned with. I look forward to serving the church in an impactful with through my passion.

As we prepare to wrap 2011, I am in full organization, prioritizing, goal-minded, mode. My prayer time, quiet time, Bible time is much more intense. I believe 2012 is going to ask a lot of me and I want to be ready. My hearing and my visioning needs to be sharp.

The feeling that I have barely scratched the surface of my potential, my marriage's potential is fuel to shoot for the moon and keep stepping out on faith. I am seeing so many of my most inexplicable but amazing experiences add up to the work God is doing in my life. Nothing is wasted.

There is already a lot under construction and underway for debut in 2012. I can't wait to share with you.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me. I'm praying for you as we finish strong--together!

Only love!