Friday, July 23, 2010

Kristen interviewed by the Lenny Matthews Show

On July 19, I was interviewed about my contribution to "Souls of My Young Sisters" and The King's Daughters, Inc, by journalist and television host Lenny Matthews. The Lenny Matthews Show has been taping and reporting for over 30 years. I was humbled and excited to be interviewed by someone of integrity. My dream and goal is to create and host a news magazine show. I would be considered ol' school when it comes the type of television I like. My favorite television formats are public access television and cable broadcast stations. I like hard core journalism disseminated with integrity from a diverse group of informed, knowledgeable sources.

Here is my interview with journalist Lenny Williams:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Give and Take/Sincerely Yours

While watching the show "Scrubs" this afternoon, I received the random confirmation that "Give and Take" and "Sincerely Yours" are the right titles for this entry.

On Wednesday, I returned from a long weekend with the girls on Martha's Vineyard. It was wonderful! 6 ladies, one three bedroom house, one car and one gorgeous island!!! It was a road trip excursion that we're already looking forward to repeating with some tweaks next year. Three of us started the trip on Saturday and stopped in Providence Rhode Island, stayed at the Westin and had a great dinner. On Sunday morning, all six of us met in Martha's Vineyard via ferry. We gathered together in reunion style and hit the main drag in Oak Bluffs aka Circut Avenue, had lunch, did some shopping and took pictures. Then, we arrived at our lovely abode for the next few days. We rented a house from friends of my parents, The Jacksons', and it had all the charm of New England. The Jacksons' invited all of us to their house for a cookout. We enjoyed their lovely home as they also own the house next door...(I know, I know), ate well and learned more about MV. Since it was July 4th, we headed to a good spot along the water where we could watch the fireworks. We parked the car, hopped on a couple rocks, wrapped ourselves in blankets and had a front row view of the Independence Day tradition that lights up the sky. Afterwards, we headed back to Circut Avenue for some dancing! Reggae, our pick of the night set the stage for a great party! It was so much fun!

On Monday we had brunch at what became our most frequented restaurant, Deon's on Circut and then we headed for the beach!! South Beach. We baked in the sun and played in the waves for two and half hours. After we soaked up the sun, we headed back to Circut for some souvenir shopping and then home to freshen up for the night. Once together (and we did a great job I might add of 6 women getting themselves together for a night on the town) we headed to Edgarton for dinner at Atlantic Fish & Chops. The food was outstanding, but as tasty as it was it didn't compare to our riot of a waiter. He was Asian with so much soul. He had a sly remark for everything and a lot of swag. LOL! The icing on the cake was when he brought out the cupcakes we had prepared for Stephanie's birthday, lit them and asked could he have one. We had 10 for 6 people so sparing one was no problem. The next thing we hear is Happy Birthday being sung behind us. Our waiter had given the cupcake to the bartender for her birthday. Hilarious!! All we could do was laugh and take note at this funny story highlighting our vacation. We went home, and prepared for three of us to depart on Tuesday. The next morning we headed to Linda Jean's, the well known Mom and Pop restaurant of Circut Avenue for breakfast. From there we took Toya, Diondra and Steph to the speed ferry. It was hard to say good-bye and break up the group, but we did and continued the day. Leah, Jina and I headed to the house from there to plot out our next move which led us to bike riding! We drove to West Chop, rented bikes and rode for an hour. It was awesome! We grabbed ice cream, deserrt for the evening at Jina's family's place and headed home. After we made our transformation from sweaty bikers to sexy ladies we visited Jina's family who like her were lovely inside and out. We met friends of friends and friends of family, further confirming how small this world is. Later that night we went to a local restaurant for dinner on where else...Circut Avenue. The sandman was upon so we went home to sleep and prepare to depart our blissfilled vacation.

Wednesday morning, Jina and Leah scrubbed the house while I prepared the car for our journey back to NYC. We welcomed Jina's parents who split the week in the house with us. I love seeing where people come from and family is super important to me. Jina's parents are beautiful people and I hope they enjoyed the house much as we did.

I returned to NYC on Wednesday night to a smiling RP3, who allowed us to use his car for the trip. He gave me a very warm reception and I missed him madly! The roles of men and women are interesting. RP3 and I spent 30 days together in June with no pause and for the most part we were great. However, from our early beginnings, I expressed my need for me time and girl time and he has honored that. Maybe this is strange, but I enjoy missing him. I enjoy the renewal and the refreshing of our relationship. I enjoy having to be reminded why someone is special in my life and re-learn my appreciation for them. I appreciate the relationships in my life and what they add to me. Iron does sharpen iron.

God, my parents, my syblings, my fiance, the girls all have their place and purpose. I am made whole because of the completeness of purpose operating in my life. Continuing in all this purpose talk, I am spending the afternoon working on media business and wedding planning. See you next Saturday as the journey continues =)

Sincerely Yours,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure

I'm in Connecticut this morning, praising God for just being God in my life. Thanking God for filling my cup to overflowing.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my packing for this weekend's trip to Rhode Island and Martha's Vineyard with the girls. I'm so excited! I've never been to MV and we're fortunate to stay in the house of very good friends of my parents.

6 house. How could this not be exciting!? I'm thankful for them and their friendship.

This morning RP3, in his helpful way put music on my iPod for the trip, made my breakfast, tea and a nail appointment for a mani/pedi nearby his place. The sun is shining so bright. Joy and peace have to be emminent.

He's not even bothered that I have turned his apartment upside down packing. Peace in the midst of chaos. Ummovable love.

This morning we listened to a song that I wrote and recorded five years ago, when I first moved to NYC. My how time flies. Maybe I'll re-record it and sell it. I spoke to my Mom this morning about wedding stuff and she was unusally agreeable. (I think that birthday gift card to Cole Haan helped =)

Although my thoughts are a litte scattered and this post is probably bouncing from one idea to the next...I reflect. I'm blessed beyond measure.

I'm here, loved, educated, whole, afforded the opportunity to travel with friends, engaged to a man who uncondionally loves me. I'm talented, my family is whole and to top it off...the sun is shining.

Whatever adversity comes my way today, is not permitted to erase my smile or steal my peace and joy. When the good outweighs the bad the way it does today, there is no more room for negativity.

Love is on my mind and in my heart. I hope you know how blessed you are too.

Just to be alive...