Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stretch My Muscles - Freestyle III


Light in the dark
Joy in the pain
Love that rains
Love that pours

I'm a Beauty with a name

Unique amongst many
Charming outside and in
Laughter begins at the sight of him

Tried to put me in a box
Tried to make me his "bot"
Oppress and depress my shine
Blow out my twinkle
My candle burned too bright
The flame of my heart
Passionate from the start
Not ashamed to show my affection
Open about my intentions
Unique amongst many
Different from the plenty
Called out from the crowd

Told me I was less
Not quite right
Imperfect in his eyes
But well able between the thighs

Still not good enough

My vision is a little blurry
My hearing is a little a worried
Because now his opinion counts
His voice sounds in my sleep
When I wake up
I spend the day in night
Dark rules over the light

Mind over matter
Life over death
Air for my breath
Healing for my heart

Bruised and scarred
Mr. Right turned into Mr. Wrong
His name changed
When he changed his tune
Sang the wrong song
"Bump n' Grind" instead of "All my Life" (LOL)

What happens when the stars go dim
No hope the future
No kisses under Moonlight
No hugs at Midnight

The whole world is waiting for me
To turn my light back on
Glow in the dark
Illuminate greater than Times Square
Light brighter than Rockefeller Center

What happens when a star goes dim
She needs to be turned on again
This time the switch is from within
A place hidden in secret
Where no one can see it
Or turn the tables
Or break her heart

Shine bright little star!
The whole world is waiting for your arrival
Midnight into Daylight
New life is growing
Seasons change
But your light remains

***To all my stars...his opinion never mattered. SHINE BRIGHT! YOU ARE THE LIGHT***

Word of the Day: Proverbs 28:20
The Billionairess

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Do you know what it's like to be the first? The first to intergrate a school; the first to win an award; the first in your family to finish college. Being the first carries a huge responsibility and creates a long-lasting legacy. No matter who comes after you, you paved the way, you set the stage and you made it possible for someone else with similar hopes and dreams to follow. You lead the pack. At 5:30am on Tuesday morning, my roommate and I got in line to elect the first African American to the White House.

On, November 4th at 11pm, Senator Barack Obama became the first African-American President of the United States of America. This momumental moment in time has changed the perspective of not only Americans but people all over the world. It can be argued that no other US Presidential election has garnered this much media attention and public support. President Obama crossed color lines, changed the game of politics and created a campaign that was truly for the people and by the people.

While President Obama has more than his share of a mess to clean up and country to rebuild, I believe we are going to see prosperity arise again in the lives of everyday people. People who have been oppressed by the last eight years due to the downturn of the politics and economy in this country. Thankfully, Pres. Obama has the majority of the nation's support to make his message of hope and change a reality.

Americans must exercise patience during the Obama administration. It didn't take four years for this country to be turned upside down and four years may not be enough to turn back right side up. However, since God is still in control it can take an instant to change from one state of being to another. In an instant we will say goodbye to President Bush and hello to a refreshing change. I'm ready. The best is truly yet to come!

Our First Lady Michelle Obama who I must say is the finest example of leadership, poise and brilliance, is dedicated to issues concerning working mothers and our children. As a single woman with the desire to be married and have children one day, this gives me great hope! The Obamas are more than the first African American couple in the White House. They are a force for change. They are the best represention of the "United States." They're tireless efforts have brought this country together again for a common goal. Watching the media coverage in my hometown of Chicago in Grant Park was tingling. It looked like a Michael Jackson concert when he performed "We are the World!" This victory is not only for Black people, but all races, religions and backgrounds.

I have attended predominately African American schools with the exception of my high school years. Being surrounded by other high achievers that looked like me has always given me pride in my race. However, the combination of living in New York City, working with and befriending all races, and volunteering for this campaign helped to remove the "I only see Black" veil from my eyes. Don't get me wrong. I have never been more proud to be an African American, but embracing other cultures without pretence and prejudice has been equally as liberating.
My final words come from my Father (my hero, mentor, the greatest):

"I'm going on the radio in the next hour to address what does last night's election mean.

For our parents and grandparents, I believe this was validation of a group of people whom the country told all their lives they were not as good.

For my generation it should be fuel to move toward those goals that seemed out of reach.

For the next generation it will mean there is no excuse for anything less than excellence.

This has a lot more to do with the future than the past. These were not reparations. Another door that was closed is now open. But, in order for us to walk through that door still requires that we are the best of the best."

Word of the Day: Psalm 27:14 (The Best is yet to come!)
The Billionairess

PS - The links below are should continue to inspire you to stay the course, remain steadfast and never give up! xo

Sunday, November 2, 2008


It's Sunday evening and I'm at the office. Doesn't sound like much fun, but its purposeful. The office is quiet right now (except that I am listening to the Idlewild soundtrack) making focus and clarity evident. I plan to write this into my weekend; a few hours on Sat or Sun, I will come in the office to work on work, song writing and the KINGDOM VISION.

The weekend has been full of celebrations. My girlfriend and fellow choir songstress Aja just got promoted at her job! My past and future travelling compadre Marcus passed the South Carolina State bar! Yesterday's message at church confirmed my life in full: the year I have had, my present day and what's to come!! To celebrate, some friends and I went out to stuff our faces and feed our souls with shouts of joy in light of all the great things happening!

This afternoon I had brunch at Max Brenners with my good friend Arin who's also pursuing her passion of singing and recording:, (Check out this glowing beauty). The conversation and mix of creative energy was the perfect yellow light during my day. We talked music, travels, experiences in NYC (we're both from the WINDY) and the journey of life. On our mission to good food, we ran into some locally and internationally known musicians underground in Union Station's subway. The "Hypnotic Brass Ensemble" (, - pic above) also from the WINDY have toured with Mos Def, and independently released two albums. Arin knows them personally and I only remembered them vaguely from seeing them play underground in Times Square. They sounded so professional and played with much passion like "The Roots." I did what any music lover would do...I bought their cd for $10.00. I got home, listened to album and was thankful I spent the money. That was at least a year ago. Fast forward to today, after touring internationally, performing with Mos Def, gaining a significant fan base, I find them underground playing with the same passion and musicanship. I'm inspired.

We all have to start somewhere. No matter how small, the key is to never give up. Never quit. The seeds you sow today, will bear the fruit you enjoy tomorrow. Keep the same momentum and excitement about that thing you're working on from Day 1 to Day 365.

Additionally (my new favorite word), I saw Sen. (soon to be Pres.) Barack Obama live from Ohio on CSPAN today. Do you agree that if you have seen Sen. Obama speak, you can't help but be inspired. His journey, his passion, his faith and his diligence to stay the course no matter the obstacles is inpsiring. Are you convinced that VICTORY is going to take place on Tuesday? Don't doubt, just believe. If you are not on the Obama side of's cool. I respect all points of view. Just know, he's gonna WIN. :-) xo Regardless of your viewpoint, excercise your RIGHT and your AUTHORITY to VOTE on Tuesday, November 4th. Take part in this historical election. We will never travel this road again.

Word of the Day: Proverbs 18:21
Always Inspiring,
"The Billionairess"