Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Power of Relationships - Part III (A peek into my future)

This summer I have learned a valuable lesson; never to think that God has done all that He is going to do or capable of doing because therein sets limits. He is always ready to outdo His last exploit and take you higher than before when we believe and trust Him. We just have to be open to receive! You can say that my arms are wide open. This testimony is really a continuation of "The Power of Relationships - Part II" because it took place the following day.

Toya Beasley is the host of 98.7 KissFM - Kiss Inspirations morning show. She and I had plans to meet for the first time face to face during her show at the radio station. After a night and into the morning of slumber partying, eating junk food and laughing hysterically, I had to prepare myself with three hours of sleep to meet Ms. Beasley about The King's Daughters, Inc. I made my way to the station for what I thought would be a simple, "Hi, how are you? This is what I do." As always my BIG GOD had other BIG PLANS in store.

Within about ten minutes of being in the station, Toya had me on the radio talking about TKD. For the rest of her show she introduced me as her special guest. Talk about the favor of God. I was able to introduce my baby, my God-seed to 2 million people several times. It was such a humbling experience, simply because I never saw the opportunity coming.

Toya has a big heart to give and help anyone she can. She is committed to using the platform that God has given her to bless others and bless God! That's everyone's call; to use the gifts, the talents, the access we are given to make God's plans big, big enough to touch all people.

The favor continues...

Tune into Kiss Inspirations on 98.7 Kiss FM at 5am featuring Toya Beasley.

Be Blessed!
Word of the Day: 1 Thessalonians 5:17