Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Gotta Testimony: I'm FAVORED among many!

Not too long ago I heard about message about Restoration and Reconciliation. The message was basically saying that God would restore all that you had lost (which is currently happening now) and that he would reconcile you, meaning he would make sure that you were not in a deficit by the end of the year. This is also happening.

The message about the current recession taking place in the world is resounding louder than any other message that the media is broadcasting. However, for Christians this is not our reality. We understand that we are not bound to the systems of this world. We are set apart and favored amoung the masses despite how bleek the world may look.

I work for a Private Equity firm, so needless to say the message about the world's recession is blarring loud most of the day. Thankfully, my company has not endured the hardships that many other companies have been experiencing: massive lay-offs, hard hit portfolios, corruption and the like. Instead, in an effort not to lay anyone off my company is taking some preventative measures to prepare for the rough economic coming up in 2009. Currently, the area where we are cutting back the most is compensation. Last week, my CEO and CFO announced that most people would be taking generous cuts backs in bonuses and most people would not receive raises. Normally, bonuses increase every year However this year, the would be cut by about 50% for those who were receiving them.

I had my annual review with my boss, the Head of the Investor Relations department on Friday. During the review period is when plans for individual compensation for the coming year are discussed. My boss and I have somewhat of a father/daughter relationship and we are pretty candid with one another. When he decided to have the conversation with me late in the day he acted as though he has some pretty rough news to tell me.

The conversation went something like this: Pat:"Sit down young lady. In light of the current economic circumstances, you....are GETTING A RAISE! You are one of the only people in the firm getting a raise. On top of that you are getting a bonus, and it's not being cut nearly as much as those who are getting bonuses. Most people are not getting raises or bonuses. We advocated for you to Dan (CEO) to continue to increase, because of your enthusiasm, positive attitude and willing spirit. Keep up the good work. And also, I want you to take on more responsibility in IR. Are you up for it?" Me: (Somewhat speechless) "Yes, Pat! Thanks for the opportunity." Pat:"Thank me after you begin doing your additional assignments. It's going to be a lot of work." Me:"I'm up for it and looking forward to it!" Pat:"Oh and here's a bonus from me. I wish it could be more. You deserve it and I look forward to an even better year in 2009."

That was bonus number two and three. I had already gotten one earlier in the week. After my conversation with me boss, my CFO called me into a conference room to debrief with me. He made sure to tell me of the fantastic job that I had done this year (which was so encouaging considering I felt like 2008 was my worst year for performance in any company). He reiterated that most people in the firm did not get bonuses and raises and I was one of the few. He also wanted me to prepare to dedicate my attention to Investor Relations. This was a fullfillment of my hearts desire. I created and took on many Human Resources related responsibilites and duties early on at the firm. However, HR is not really my passion or my desire. Investor Relations is definitely more my lane. PR for finance, interacting with our investors, making sure the RELATIONSHIP between us and our investor is in tact and on point. That's all me. Plus, I want to do some major deals and projects where finance is concerned. I feel like I'm getting paid to learn a big part of what I will do with the rest of my life.

God is good. ALLLLLL the time. Good, bad and Great. He's good, and he's faithful to his word.

I'm set apart
I'm favored
I'm different
I'm light
I'm unique
I'm blessed to be an EMPOWERMENT (blessing)

Word of the day: Malachi 3:10
The Billionairess

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stretch My Muscles - Freestyle IV

***Hater is a Fan***

Tell em why you mad son
Cause they hatin' on you?
No be mad when they stop hatin' on you
Cause that's when you need to step your game up

To another level

Nope, cause the moment you relax
He advanced
To level two and you're still on level one
Making excuses for why the world is against you

"It's just me against the world"
Get out of your own way
Make room for the blessings to flow

Tell em why you mad son
Cause he's biting your style?
Look closer, think smarter
Your hater is a fan

The role we model
The leader we follow
The first in line
The head of the class
The best talkin' trash
The new millenium man.

Swag is official
The secrets remain confidential
Paparazzi on the coat tail
Biters come with signs that say "for sale"

My image isn't up for sale
It's an original
Made by the Creator of the Universe
In His Likeness
Made to be Righteous
Rule and Reign
Look different from the same

Clones that follows me
Shadows attached to me
Remarks to mimic me
Dirty dozens to trip me...up

I'll tell you why I'm mad son
Cause yesterday I had 100 haters
And today I only have 99
I got 99 problems and I need one more.

"Haters are your Fans!"

Word of the Day: Proverbs 25:28
In love,
Kristen ~ The Billionairess

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I Want it all Back!
By: Tye Tribbet & GA

I want it all back

(Verse 1)
You may have thought, you won that last round
You may have laughed (cuz) I almost fell down
Maybe you think I give up easy
But it's not ovah, I got more in me
You thought I stopped, you thought I sat down
But I am standin', you made me mad now!
You got some things, I think you owe me
I've come to get back everything that you stole

I want it all back

(Verse 2)
You hit me hard, I should be knocked out
Things I've been through, don't even wanna talk about
You crossed the line (this time) you violated me
I want revenge (I want everything back from) A to Z
The battle's not mine, the battle is the Lord's
In the name of JESUS, I'm takin' it by force

I want it all back

If you only knew what I was gonna be
After the storm you wouldn't have even bothered me

(And now I'm) stronger
(And I got more) power
(I'm a little bit) wiser
(And I got more) strength
(I got thee) anointing
(Got God's) favor
(And we're still) standing

I want it all back
Give me my stuff back, give me my stuff, give me my stuff back
I want it all I want that, What about your family and all your self-esteem, even your destiny? What about the joy you tasted and the time you wasted, do you want it back?
What about your place in God and all your faith in God, even the ways of God?
What about your hopes and dreams and your communities, even your kids and teens?
I want that 'want that 'want that 'want that I want it all back

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pretty Kool

Blessed People...this is a letter I received from a new reader, that I wanted to share. It really warmed my heart.

Dear Kristen, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. It blessed me so. I've been going through some rough things myself and find myself not the joyful Joy I was intended to be or the one I used to be. Thanks for the ray of hope. Also, I'm going to send your blog site out to others I know that would be blessed by it.

I design quilt patterns and make scripture prints with me photographs and scriptures from the Bible and inspiration. I would like to offer you one of my prints. Go to and pick out whichever print you would like. DO NOT click on the paypal button, but e-mail me back and let me know which one you want and I'll send it to you in the mai. It's just my way of saying "Thanks" for sharing and blessing me and others. I hope that you find one you will want.

May God take care of you and bless you bunches.

Word of the Day: Philippians 2:11
Always empowering,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tis This Season to be Joyful: I Gotta Testify about my RAINBOW!

My apologies for taking almost three weeks away from the blogosphere. As 2008 comes to a close my focus is sharpened and leisure time is more scarce.

I hope you all enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving with loved ones. It's hard to believe CHRISTmas is almost upon us. Although the year has not been a blur, it has passed by rather quickly and even though the year is not over I will at least walk into 2009 with one extremely beneficial life sustaning lesson. That is: always having JOY and PEACE. I fought extremely hard for most of this year to hold on to my joy and peace. I cried out to God many many nights in tears and frustration. Not having these too major assets overflowing in my life affected most every area of my life: my performance at work, my relationships with co-workers, family and most importantly my relationship with myself.

(Here's transparent Kristen)

Basically, for most of 2008 I was depressed. Since, I'm not a doctor, I don't feel completely liberated to diagnose myself, but what I did and do know is...Kristen. Naturally, I am a happy, joyful person. This year I was the complete opposite. I was heavy burdened, unhappy and putting on a face to hide it. Mentally, I had no confidence in who God has made me to be, the person I have always been so proud to be and I could not concentrate or focus. Emotionally, I was empty and wounded. Physically, my body told the story (facial breakouts, signs of excema, sickness). Spiritually, I was broken and desperate for a major breakthrough.

I was pressing through daily emotional heartbreak and denial that the person I loved somewhere deep down inside loved me back and would show it. The first heartbreak, I assume is always the hardest. God, I hope that's the last time I will ever have to experience it. I love hard, so hard that it hurts. That may sound crazy to some...but it's honest. I don't fall in love easy, but when I do I stay there and it takes mighty mountains to move me from that place. As a result of that I spent most of the year avoiding eye contact with the opposite sex as my confidence and self esteem was so low. Feelings of interal and external rejection dominated my thoughts.

Additionally this year, I began using a product on my face that resulted in a volitale breakout that lasted for a straight month and wouldn't stop. The scars it left behind are costing me hundreds of dollars a month to correct. (Thank God for health insurance). One day I will post the before, during and soon-to-be after pictures.

I spent the greater part of this year running myself in the ground to achieve my dreams. Working 9-9 and staying up late in the studio and on the weekends in addition to stepping up my involvement at church. By July, I was physically tapped out. Most of the activities, however were band-aids for dealing with my real issues and they gave me something to talk about and to work towards.

Then finally...breakthrough came. In the form of people, intercessors, revelations, light and most importantly: JOY and PEACE. Somewhere along the way, God closed some doors, opened other doors and handed me a rainbow. The rainbow after what was almost a year long storm is my JOY and my PEACE. It's the rainbow I will always keep with me where ever I go.

Faith is an interesting force. It makes no logical sense to believe in something you can not see, touch, feel, smell and taste. But when nothing else seems to work and the world can not offer you any solutions for your issues, faith is your lifeline. It's your I-V. It's your life support.

Why am I sharing all of this with you...because someone needs to hear it. This is my record to look back at life and see how far I have come. It's my living journal to inspire, motivate and empower people.

By September, I began to see the light at the end of this tunnel only to make a right turn to continue the journey in a new direction. I wanted to put this whole year behind me as a failure and a loss. Quite the contrary. This year has been lesson after lesson after test after seed sown after prayer after cry to God till now my TESTIMONY.

Restoration is my Testimony. The Lord is balancing the scales now. My experiences were not in vain, rather preparation for a higher level. The tears were not in vain. The pain was not in vain. This year 2008 was not a waste. We really are puzzles that the Lord has the ability to put back together. He makes us whole. Not any person, not any thing, not any life changing event...just God. Without him, you really are insufficent, and without hope.

In times like the ones we are experiencing now my greatest assets are my JOY and my PEACE and an UNSTOPPABLE, UNBREAKABLE FAITH. They are my sustaining counterparts as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I'm not scared and not I'm apologetic about who God has made me to be and what he's brought me through OR where he's taking me.

I appreciate you for listening...reading, whatever. Taking it all in with me...LOL.

Till we share on the couch of Kristen again. :-)

Word of the day: Philippians 2:4
The Billionairess