Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blessed by connection

Who's in your circle? The people you are connected to matters. My life is blessed to the overflow, because of the people I am connected to, divine and natural. If you want different results in your life, if you want to eliminate drama, you might start by examining your connections.
In love,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Reporter Reel - Kristen L. Pope

Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it!!

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There is definitely more to come.

God Bless,
Kristen Pope

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Wake Up Call at Midnight

After a disturbing dream, (nightmare) last night, I forced myself to wake up. I couldn't take the series of events unfolding anymore.  In reaction, I first emailed the details of the nightmare to Richard so that I would have a record of it and we could discuss it when he woke up. I then, prayed and talked to God first. Next, I searched the internet to clear my mind for a moment. Finally, I got intentional about what really just happened in my dream. I don't have nightmares often, so I felt it necessary to give it more close attention.

I began researching nightmares. Where they come from? How they originate and what we can learn from them. I found some interesting literature offering a number of reasons.  The most reoccurring theme was that a nightmare could be a result of an inner conflict that  needs to be resolved or a warning of something to come or to be warded off.

Close to 30 minutes into my search (at what was now 4:30am), I decided to continue my heavenly conversation. I asked God what was I to gather from this nightmare. I believe in seeking wisdom in reliable places, but I also know I can most times just cut out the middleman and as the creator. He's faithful to answer my questions, even if it's an answer I don't like.

The conclusion was that I need to be more present. I mulled over that for a while. Present. In what way? The answer revealed included marriage, home, priorities, basically my every day life. It sounds so simple, yet so complex. Those who know me, know when I'm on, I'm on. I used to take pride in giving the phrase, "mover and shaker," a whole new meaning. However, I'm starting to "get it." Get what was just revealed to me. I can move faster than the speed of light, and consequently miss things a long the way, important things. Even worse, things going on right under my nose.

But's New York! It's the nature of this beast right???
Who cares!?!?! I've been "doing" New York and doing it well for a while now. I feel like: What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? (Mark 8:36) I have had to reshuffle my priorities more than a few times in life and it looks like I need to do it again...


Not talking about one thing, yet thinking about the next. Not thinking about one thing, yet participating in the next. Not listening to one thing, yet concerned about the next.

Not taking for granted that everything will just work it self out, take care of itself or someone else will step in and pick up where I left off.

Cherishing my moments while staying in the moment. Taking time, to just take time, knowing that this very moment is really all that matters, since the next isn't promised.

As much as I hated that nightmare, I don't ever want the memory of the revelation to disappear.  It could potentially help save my marriage one day if needed, save my job, but most me.

Be present Kristen.
(Sometimes I talk to myself and I figured since this is my blog, no better place to talk to myself than here, but thanks for reading too).

Me, today.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Quote that inspired me today

"Don’t block your blessings. Don’t let doubt stop you from getting where you want to be...from now on I refuse to let anyone interrupt the vision I have for myself.  Sometimes I think we hurt ourselves by being too aware of the challenges. It can be better not to know." - Jennifer Hudson

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bathroom Break!

Happy Summer!
I hope you enjoyed a blessed and adventurous 4th of July holiday. I spent half the day in hot sun on Martha's Vineyard and the other half travelling back to my lover in Stamford, Connecticut. It was a great ride as it included diverse conversation with my girlfriends about school days, men, career, memories and more!

It's been a jam packed few months.

Rewinding to May - my girlfriends and I had a sleepover at, Richard and I attended two birthday parties and wedding by the end of the month. It's got us ready for our month of celebration since both of our birthdays are in June. June started with my birthday and my cousins wedding in ATL. Our trip allowed me to introduce RP3 to so many dear friends of mine whom live a little ways away...
A couple weeks later we travelled to Boston and stayed with great friends and their family. We attended our third wedding in less than a month and it was by far the most life-changing wedding we had been to. The spirit of the ceremony was so pure and beautiful. The following day we celebrated RP3's birthday at one of his favorite asian restaurants.

Last week, I headed to the second annual trip to Martha's Vineyard with my girlfriends and a great bonus - my Mom. It was a great vacation. The house was quaint and perfect for our eight person stay. 

This week, I prepare to shoot the remaining parts of my newsreel. It's been a long time coming and huge investment and sacrifice from both Richard and myself. It's grounding to see it all come together in such a divine way. God has truly been at the center of it all. I feel blessed to be used as the vessel, as I keep stepping up.

This also leads up to preparations for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Annual Convention in Philadelphia this August. My mind is focused on bringing my A game, my innovation and my best self. Thankfully, my confidence is high as I continue this narrow road. My prayer is that God helps me keep it there and take it further. I believe my steps are ordered for this opportunity and that His will is my heart's desire. I look forward to bringing back divine testimonies of my experiences over the next 30 days.

Preparation is truly the key. I am learning how important it is to always be prepared...for anything! Always being ready. When you're ready, the encounters chase you down. The opportunities chase you down - because you're ready.

Be Blessed! Be Ready!

Kristen Pope
"The Billionairess"