Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love is in Need of Love

Check out the article I wrote for the website http://www.bevirtue.com/, founded by the fabulous Chantal Parmley!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ever-Evolving Newness

Have you ever wanted to freeze frame a moment in time or press pause to stand still? I guess that question was answered by the invention of cameras, video cameras and the like. Unfortunately, my camera was dead on Friday night.

This week was blessed. Not everything I wanted to happen, happened. However, there were things that I needed to happen and did not anticipate happening that happened.

I have to highlight one moment in particular.

Most weekends I spend my time in Connecticut. From my first few trips to this region of the country, coming from New York it has felt like a peaceful get-a-way, a small vacation. This past Friday, I left work and went to my 4th Bikram yoga class. This bit of torture in Harlem prepared my mind for a beautiful relaxing weekend in CT. As I made my way from Harlem to CT after class, I was bombarded (and I said bombarded because the comments and the yelling were intrusive) by the evening element and envoirnment. It was the first time I felt unsafe in Harlem as a woman, at night. It may have been because I have not walked the span of 125th Street in a long time in the dark alone. I'll give Harlem the benefit of the doubt, especially after 5 years. I refuse to leave feeling unsafe and scared of the place I have called home and grown to love.

Back to the moment...

I took the metro north from Harlem 125 to Stamford, CT. I arrived to open arms, a hug and kiss and a bouquet of yellow roses with red trim from RP3. While the open arms, hug and kiss are a part of his normal reception, the coming surprises were not. RP3 drove us back to his place for me to find a clean apartment (you would have to know my Tazmanian fiance to understand the implications of this), candles lit and a well thought, well prepared dinner for two. RP3's surprise menu consisted of shrimp jambalaya, sweet chilli shrimp, french green string beans w/cashew nuts and roasted potatoes. It was a total shock and awe moment; the perfect evening. Dinner by candle light in peace and serenity with my future.

Maybe pausing the moment would be short sided. As the picture of the future continues to unfold, it reminds me that there is more to see, more to experience. Through trial and error, counseling, guidance and wisdom we are learning to create an ever-evolving (shout out to FCBC) atmosphere of romance that does not grow stale. Here's to 90 years of newness...


The Future Mrs. RP3.