Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Complex Simplicity and Rainbows

I was taught and read that the rainbow was a sign given to Noah after the flood had passed as a reminder that, that type of storm would never occur that same way again.

My interpretation is that the rainbow is a sign that the storm has passed and hope, new life and ultimately a new season is on the horizon. I also don't think that rainbows have to appear physically in order to experience them.

Recently, while sleeping I had a series of dreams and at the end of each dream was a rainbow. When I awoke my prayer was similar to the man in this video: www. "God, what is the meaning? What does this symbolize."

I was left with a tremendous amount of joy at my answer. My dreams are becoming my reality. The are no longer intangible and only existing in my mind. They are within arm's reach and I have the ability to reach out and touch them.

The video of the man from Yosemite "ooooing and awwwing" over the sight of two rainbows has been a youtube sensation and worldwide joke largely due to the man's reaction. I question, doesn't the splendor and wonder of God's creation and glory deserve our praise and inquiry for the deeper meaning. I was humbled by the man's genuine awe of the rainbow. I remember while growing up in Chicago and looking at the stars at night was a big deal to me and watching the moon light up the sky was surreal and watching the sun rise in the morning and set at night was breath taking.

As I near the end of the road as a single woman, and become one with another, these simple yet complex wonders have caught my attention...again.

In New York, taking the time to smell the roses, or breathe in the fresh air (acutally you may not want to inhale the is a moot pastime for most people in the region. The constant running, hustle and bustle of the daily grind seem to distract us from life's most precious and simple moments.

Today was the perfect example. I rushed to get to work on time; frantically checked and answered emails; both professional and personal; made plans to meet a girlfriend during lunch; rushed back to work; took a conference call; made some online purchases; got harrassed by colleagues; rushed out of work for a hair appointment before my stylist goes on vacation; and then took a long walk home and into the arms of outlet of release.

Tomorrow, no matter the weather, I will wake up and inhale God's creative beauty.

But first, tonight, I will power down, rather power off, and simply tell myself...Good Night.

(Connecticut, here I come - with rainbows following =)