Friday, September 26, 2008

I Gotta Testify!

Allow me share my testimony of the week (I say the week because I expect to experience and share favor filled testimonies with you weekly)!!!! 

I have been songwriting for 15 years and it's only been in the last two years that I have taken this gift seriously instead of for just recreation. Today, I can say with confidence that the Lord has called me to write and sing His music; one of the biggest reasons for Him sending me to New York. Since moving to NYC, the Lord has blessed me with opportunities to write demo's for up and coming artists, co-write songs for well known hip hop artists and just meet some great people in the music industry. In the last year, I have had in studio training with accomplished writers, producers, artists and engineers in the music industry as well.

 In an effort to continue working on my craft of becoming a serious songwriter, I enrolled in a songwriting course at NYU a couple of weeks ago. One day later after I enrolled in the class, it was dropped due to a lack of enrollment. I prayed that since the God closed that door, he would clearly open a new one. On Monday of this week, I got a call directly from the professor who was supposed to teach the class. He apologized for the class being cancelled although it was out of his control. However, he wanted to offer me an even better opportunity than the NYU class. He extended to me a personal invitation to join a select group of people to take songwriting sessions from him in his recording studio for the next month! After doing my research on him, I found out that he is a four-time Grammy nominated songwriter. His songs have sold over 27 million copies and he's worked with Brandy, Van Halen, and David Bowie to name a few. I always pray upon taking my desire to become a more skilled singer and songwriter to the next level, that the Lord open the doors that He would have me to walk through and allow me to work with the best, most anointed people He has to offer in music.  This open door is a door opened by my Father that no man can shut!  

*I'm doing my praise dance right now!* :-D

Word for the Day: Proverbs 21:13 


Kristen ~ "Olympian Pen"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Stretch My Muscles - Freestyle


I'm on a mission for change
To make a mark in the lives of others 
Who can't seem to find their way

I know what's it like to be lost and alone
Stuck in rut, maimed with pain, ashamed of my name
Unclear of where to aim 
my frustration

Incapable of making the right decisions
Lost in translation 
In the middle of a transformation 
Spinning out of control 
Trying to find the breaks, hoping for a sign
that says this is the way you should go!

There it is...that still small voice
Slow down, stop and think! 
Walk this way, turn right
You've been going left

One right turn, becomes another right turn
Till I find myself back on the right path
Moving in the right direction

I bring one, two, three people along with me
They looked stranded with their thumbs out
waiting for someone to pick them up
But now I know the way in which we should go

He whispered the directions in my ear
Just thought I should share
The path is straight and narrow
Not for the faint of heart
And sometimes it can get lonely.

Suddenly, I look up to find three, two, one
It's just me
Walking, changing, transforming
into what He wants me to be.

Following directions = long life.

Word of the Day: Proverbs 18:10
"Olympian Pen"